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Web Scraping API

100 000 free daily requests

Are web scraping challenges slowing you down? From getting blocked to dealing with captchas and proxy dilemmas, we understand the hurdles. That’s why we’re excited to offer you ProxyScrape Web Scraping API. This powerful tool is designed to navigate these obstacles by managing captchas, optimizing proxy use, avoiding blocks, and delivering the clean HTML content you need. And the best part? We’re offering this service with up to 100k daily requests, absolutely free.

persoon die kijkt naar proxy

Avoid Bans and Rate Limits

Our API is designed to circumvent bans and rate limits, adjusting your requests and using the best proxies on the fly to make them the most likely to succeed with the target websites. If the requests didn’t succeed, you don’t pay!

Render Websites

Render JavaScript, execute on-page actions, and wait for data to load onto the website before getting back the HTML, ensuring you scrape all the data you need from a page with one simple request.

(40 credits per request)

Get Pure HTML

Get the HTTP response body of a website without rendering it, ensuring the the least amount of resources are used and saving you money.

(10 credits per request)

Execute Actions

Interact with the website you are scraping and get the HTML content back after your actions have been executed.

Action Description
waitForSelector Wait until the specified selector appears on the website.
waitForRequest Wait for a request to a specified URL to start inside the browser without waiting for it to complete.
waitForResponse Wait for a request to a specified URL to return a response.
waitForTimeout Wait for a specified amount of time
And much more... Check out our documentation to see all action types

Take Screenshots

Easily take screenshots from your target website after it has been loaded & rendered. Showing you how it looks after all actions have been executed.


Collect data from all around the world by targeting up to 249 unique countries.

Integrated Proxies

Stop worrying about proxies, we will make sure to use the best proxies for your target website for your scraping request to succeed.

Pricing - Not a lot

Free Tier

1 000 000 free daily credits*

For testing purposes only and non-production use.

  • 100 000 daily HTTP Response Body requests (10 credits / requests).
  • 25 000 daily Browser HTML requests (40 credits / request)

*This offer may change over time for new & existing users.

Production Use

Starting at $100/month

Prices as low as $0.0003/request

Perfect for production use and large scale web-scraping.

  • Price varies depending on the target website and difficulty of the target.
  • Only pay for successful requests.